AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — During the holiday parents could use a break of their own.

The Art Plug-In held an event on Sunday called “Kids Day Out” that allowed parents to get that break for a few hours.

The Art Plug-In is an art studio that has been hosting events like “Kids Day Out” since it opened three years ago. Krista Orr, owner and art instructor of The Art Plug In, talked more about the event they held.

“So, every other month we do a kid’s day out where they can just drop the kids off here at the studio, and the parents can go shopping or go have dinner or just go home and take a nap if that’s what they need to do,” she said. “And kids get to come here and do open studio and they get to come and make fun stuff and watch a movie and today we are serving hot coca.”

She added that in traditional school settings teachers are held to a strict standard on how and what they can teach. Orr said that when the children come to the studio, they are able to freely express themselves through what they create.

“We really encourage them to create it however they want to. So, they are learning confidence, they are learning building skills, they are doing so much here, they are just creating a place of learning,” she said.

Orr said that it’s exciting to see the kids being able to express themselves creatively and it’s important for places like this to be in the community.

“I feel it’s very important for families and for kids to have the opportunity to do art outside of just school and home. When they come to a place like this, they have an expectation of getting to create something,” Orr added. “We are also prepared for the mess, and we prepared for the questions, and we are here for them to have fun. It’s very important for kids to be able to have that.”

The Art Plug-In has many more Christmas-themed events planned. One event the studio will be hosting is Cookies and Canvases. Families at the event will be able to enjoy painting and meet Mr. and Mrs. Clause as they pass out cookies.