The Amarillo Police Department and Amarillo Fire Department ask drivers to move over

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Amarillo Fire Department and Amarillo Police Department are asking drivers to move over when responding to traffic accidents. This includes those who are involved.

“People believe that when you get into a fender bender or some kind of accident they believe they have to stay right there in the roadway. We want you to get out of the roadway. It’s safer for you guys, it’s safer for us, it’s safer for the people trying to drive,” Captain. Cody Snyder with AFD, stated.

According to Capt. Snyder those involved in a wreck need to get somewhere safe and wait for help to arrive.

“If you’re uninjured, if you’re capable, if you’re vehicle can be moved, get to the shoulder at least get to a parking lot or a side street that’s less busy. We’ve had several fire trucks, we’ve had several police officers recently we’ve had two of our police officers hit and severely injured,” Capt. Snyder said.

APD’s Sgt. Carla Burr, hopes to prevent by spreading this message.

“Our number one priority is for people to not get hurt,” Sgt. Burr stated.

The recent APD accident is one of many that takes place when attending an incident in the middle of the road.

“There’s just so many added risks if we’re all in the roadway where if we can get people to pull over and be safe on the side of the road,” Sgt. Burr explained.

Distracted drivers often end up hitting first responders or their vehicles usually trying to see what is happening.

“The lights on the vehicles people are drawn to them kind of like a moth to a flame but where you look is where the car tends to drift,” Capt. Snyder said.

First responders have increased their presence at accident sites to try and decrease the number of some of these scenes.

“A lot of times when those extra vehicles are there they are there to block or protect not only us but the people that were involved in the wreck,” Capt. Snyder stated.

By spreading awareness of what to do, both APD and AFD hope this will keep everyone safe and secure.

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