AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The 806 Bodybuilding Championships are going down this weekend.

“I love bodybuilding, I enjoy coaching it, I enjoy the bodybuilding and powerlifting aspects of it,” said Kevin Van Voris, owner of Contagion Athletics.

The athletes will come from all over, but the majority of the competitors are local and home-grown.

“We’ll have professional bodybuilders on-site, so people can shake hands and see how big these guys are, and root on local competitors,” Van Voris said.

The show will take place at Contagion Athletics, Van Voris said its rooted in a passion of his.

“I love fitness, and I love showing that anybody can get healthy. That’s my biggest goal, is to make sure that everybody, no matter if you’re trying to get bigger, stronger, faster this is the place for you.”

Drake Pilgrim is one of the competitor’s in this weekends show.

“This is just a great way to take your competitive spirit or your ambitions, use the competition as a motivator for you, and gives you an appreciation for fitness,” he told KAMR.

Pilgrim’s been in bodybuilding for 8 years, and says competitor or not, fitness and health are just as important.

“No matter your situation, where you’re starting from, exercise is beneficial, and it’s great for your overall health and longevity and your vitality,” he explained.

Van Voris says the show is also supporting local businesses during the two day event.

“It’s an awesome place where you can come support local businesses, because a huge vendor expo the day before and the day of,” he said.

No matter if you’re a local business, competitor, or an everyday gym goer, it’s a spot open for you.

“On our little window when you come in it says dream chasers only, so whatever your dream or goal is, this is the place for you,” he said.