AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Two more organizations have released statements regarding claims that the name of an Amarillo restaurant is a racial slur.

The Texas League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the Amarillo Branch of the NAACP both released statements on Facebook on Tuesday, June 2.

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Texas LULAC said in part:

“It is clear that what some people consider humor or clever in a shameless quest for money comes at the expense of deep pain and re-opening of wounds in one of the largest communities in Texas. The decision by a business in Amarillo to adopt a name, Big Beaners, in a sick attempt to build a following of racist and xenophobe customers to make a few dollars is pathetic but offensive nonetheless and should not be allowed.

It is sad that community leaders do not see this for what is it, denigrating an important part of the Amarillo community. By their silence, they too are being complicit.

Rodolfo Rosales, Jr. | Texas LULAC State Director

LULAC Amarillo also released a statement today. See it here:

The Amarillo Branch of the NAACP said it supports the members of LULAC, calling the name of the business a “racist term, saying in part:

The use of the word “beaners” is tantamount to putting a knee on the throats of all persons of Mexican descent or cultural heritage in Amarillo and this great nation. This only continues the spiral of racial intolerance and racial hatred that is becoming political correct in this country.

Floyd Anthony | President, Amarillo Branch NAACP

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On Thursday, May 28, we asked if Quackenbush had any plans of changing the name, he said, “If I would have been approached nicely by LULAC, if I would have been approached nicely by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce instead of threateningly. In other words, threatening to strong-arm me into something different, I might have reconsidered.”