GUYMON, Okla. (KAMR/KCIT) – The City of Guymon issued a proclamation banning the discharge of fireworks within city limits on July 4, in light of the Texas County Board of Commissioners determining there is “extreme fire danger.”

Texas County, as noted by city officials, was under an ongoing burn ban at the time of the proclamation. Guymon Mayor Kim Peterson, in light of the ban and after concluding that drought and other conditions have created an extreme fire danger in the area, issued a ban on “firing, igniting, lighting or exploding any fireworks” within the city limits.

However, city officials noted that the ban on fireworks “shall not apply to any public display of fireworks which is conducted under supervision of the Police Department or Fire Department of the City of Guymon.”

via the City of Guymon

Although that exception leaves open the possibility of an officially-sponsored fireworks show, city officials responded to questions on social media and clarified that the City of Guymon will not have a fireworks display in 2022.