CROSBY COUNTY, Texas — The Swisher County Sheriff’s Department confirmed in a brief statement on Facebook Thursday morning that a kidnapping investigation was underway based on information from Crosby County. Specific details were not confirmed Thursday, however, on Friday officials announced the case was based on a false statement.

The Thursday morning Facebook post said, “Around 9:00AM this morning we were notified by Crosby County Sheriff’s Office of a possible kidnapping that occurred in their jurisdiction last night. This is currently under investigation.”

A public official in Kress also posted about it, saying he was getting calls and texts.

“We have some friends from Ralls. Great parents and even a more awesome son,” another person posted. “He just turned 16. Last night in Ralls he stopped to help someone he thought to have had a blowout.”

From there, according to her post — now disputed by an official statement — the boy was kidnapped and taken to a barn between Kress and Plainview.

“There were other kids in the barn,” she said. “He used his pocket knife to cut himself free. Once he was free he got another boy free.” From there, he was able to get out to his truck and get help according to the posting.

On Friday, the Swisher County Sheriff’s Office said, “During this investigation, we have exhausted every lead and feel very confident in our ability to advise the community that at no time was there any threat to any citizen of Swisher County, or citizens of neighboring counties regarding this incident.”

“The district is cooperating with law enforcement and supporting them in any way we can,” Ralls ISD Superintendent Oscar Muniz said in a brief update after this story was initially published on Thursday. “Right now, he is doing fine. We’re just happy that he’s back.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety said Thursday morning Texas Rangers had not been asked to help. reached out to the Crosby County Sheriff’s Office by email and by phone for more information.

Editorial note: This story was updated several times on Thursday as new information came in. It was also updated when an official statement said the case was based on a false statement.