AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — After singer Rihanna came to Amarillo Friday night and posted photos to her social media pages disparaging President Trump at the Cadillac Ranch, local supporters of the President gathered to repaint the cars, this time, with pro-Trump messages.

About a hundred people gathered at the Cadillac Ranch on Sunday, August 16, to show their support for the President. One of the supporters, Grady Hodge, said Rihanna’s actions were disrespectful. 

“Well, I kind of thought it was disrespectful for her to come to our town. This is the heart of Trump country. Of course, she had a right to do it. But as you can see, we came out-we and came out with bigger forces because this is Trump country, ” said Hodge. 

Another supporter, Eileen Castle, voiced her outrage at Rihanna’s political posts.  

“I’m a Trump supporter, and I was pretty mad about what Rihanna did yesterday. This is if you’ll notice there was a lot of kids out here. This is family. You don’t. You don’t write profanity in a public place,” said Castle. 

The political Instagram post by Rihanna appears to show her kneeling by a car after painting the words, “F*** TRUMP.” 

Angela Wingate said she believes Rihanna’s actions to be “classless.”  Winhgate said, “I was mad, I mean, it was classless, it was rude and it really looked like she was hiding anyway, you know, she covered her face with a hoodie. If you’re real proud of what you’re doing, do you cover yourself up? No. And so this got put together really quickly to come out here and clean it up.”

While the majority of people there appeared to be supporters of President Trump, at least two people were there painting over the messages in black. The two painting the cars black, did not wish to comment. 

The two groups continued painting over each other’s messages throughout the evening.