AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — It’s the Holiday season, and while some may have already checked every one of their lists. Others are still storming the mall and racing against the clock to find that perfect gift.

A few Westgate Mall shoppers talked about who they were shopping for this weekend.

“So today I am looking for some stuff for my mom and my dad. I’m going to get some Cowboys stuff for my dad because he loves the Cowboys,” Matthew and Maddox said.

“I shopped for my dad. I got him a nice little jacket,” Brittany Hernandez said.

With Christmas being only seven days away shoppers said they chose to shop so close to the big day because it was their only time off.

“It was my only day off and I just like being around a lot of people rather than being stuck in the house on the weekend,” Juliana Gonzales said.

Crossed Arrows Boutique owner, Courtney Martin, said that everything leading up to Christmas seems to be the busiest time for the mall. She talked about a few items that customers have bought from her store leading up to the holidays.

“A lot of Christmas t-shirts, sweaters, that sort of thing. A lot of gift items. So, puffer jackets and vests have been really popular this year. Even a lot of jeans are always popular,” Martin said.

When this weekend is one of the busiest times for the mall. Shoppers said it’s all worth it when they see their families and friends open their gifts on Christmas.

“Thinking, I know this person will love this. Thinking about how they will feel opening the present. And just think about it, it’s personal and not just a random gift,” Matthew and Maddox Ortiz said.

Probably deciding what my friend and family will like the most. I usually don’t get to buy them gifts and I like spoiling them, so that’s probably my favorite part,” Kaylin said.