AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Area homeless shelters are experiencing an increase in the number of people in shelters.

With temperatures dropping more of the unhoused community has sought shelter at night and during the day.

“We open our facility up to dayroom services, which gives a safe, warm place to be off of the street during the day, we also will have extra gloves, hats, jackets, stuff like that, that we hand out blankets, any kind of things that we can give that will help when they do leave the building for whatever reason to stay warm and to stay safe, said Robert Burton, Director of Ministry at Faith City.”

Amarillo Housing First also opened their first cold-blue warming station since March.

“Amarillo housing first operates Coolblue warming station whenever we start having extreme deadly winter weather, we open up overnight for our unsheltered folks in the community and their pets, said Virginia Williams Trice, Executive Director of Amarillo Housing First.”

Faith City is open to anyone who needs shelter during the day. Guest receive three meals a day and are given basic necessities if needed. At this time only men are able to stay overnight.

“They come in, they get there’s a process where they check in they check a bag in, they come to the chapel service, then they go into the dining room and we feed them a meal, stated Burton.”

Burton continued, “Then after that we do have some paperwork they fill out just because we have to document who’s been in our building and how long they’ve been here and then after that they go to the overnight dorm where they’re given clean scrubs to sleep in and clean bedding and then they give them a safe place back there to sleep overnight.”

Code blue warm shelters are open to anyone who needs them including men, women, children and pets.

“We are looking at folks who are not able to get into like the emergency shelters such as Salvation Army, and faith City Mission for various reasons, said Virginia Williams Trice.”

Cold blue warming stations open when there is deadly cold weather. During severe cold weather, both Amarillo First Housing and Faith City Missions go into the community to bring people back to shelters or give them essentials to help keep them warm.

Some of the most common items needed during this time include socks, undergarments, hats, coats, travel-size toiletries and hygiene products.

If an individual sees someone in the cold, text Cold Blue Warming Stations number 806-414-2243 with a location and description of the person and a member of the team will

individuals can text 806-414-2243 with a location and description of the person out in the cold and a volunteer will check on them and take them to the shelter.

Donations can also be dropped off at 207 N. Tyler for Amarillo First Housing and 600 N. Tyler Street for Faith City Mission.