AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Sharpened Iron Studios hosted a ceremony ahead of its movie premiere on Dec. 1 for the film “What Remains.”

The studio hosted a handprint ceremony Thursday with some of the stars of their new film.

The studio is celebrating the premiere of its first feature film Thursday and celebrating its second year in Amarillo.

The studio’s founder said Amarillo has made the studio feel at home.

“Whether it’s the city council, the AEDC, or the community at large, we have been absolutely embraced and absolutely loved. You know, a couple of private homes we have shot in, they didn’t charge us and the wives made casseroles for the cast and crew and it was incredible,” said Sean Doherty, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Sharpened Iron Studios.

The premiere of the film “What Remains” is on Dec. 2 with a red carpet event.

The studio said it is hoping to start its next film called “Joplin” in late spring. The studio will also being work on an episodic series in the fall.