AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — State Senator Kel Seliger took to Twitter asking Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde.

“It’s happened in Sutherland Springs. It’s happened in El Paso. It’s happened in Odessa, and now it’s happening in Uvalde. And what can we do?” said Seliger.

On Wednesday, Governor Abbott called for special legislative committees to be formed to address the shooting.

Seliger said that is a start.

“The process has to start in committee and that’s a start. But without the strong support of Republican leadership, nothing that comes out of a committee having to do with firearms, has a prayer passing,” said Seliger.

Abbott said the new committees should prepare recommendations on steps that could be taken to prevent mass shootings from happening at schools in the future such as areas like mental health, police training, and school safety.

“It’s a combination possibly of all those, but at this point, just sitting around and talking about it solves nothing.”

Seliger continued saying “Well, we can do some further things for school security. I’m afraid our schools are going to start looking like many fortresses but whatever it takes to protect the kids is fine. But keep in mind that the Odessa shootings and the El Paso shootings did not take place in schools. And so what we’re talking about are these situations of mass murder, and how do we lessen the chances?”

Seliger said any change will be up to the leadership.

“It’s up to leadership, in this case, the governor of the state of Texas, to tell us what he will support and what he thinks will work after this discussion and take that leadership role,” he said.

Seliger said he thinks there is a chance that a special session is called before January saying the governor said nothing is off the table. When asked what ideas he would put on the table for discussion, Seliger said he wants to hear the governor’s ideas first.