AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Potter County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy began week two of the 12-week academy on Sept. 12.

During week two the citizens got the chance to hear from Potter County Estray and Patrol division.

“We get a day shift that starts about eight o’clock in the morning and ends at four. But that’s not always guaranteed. It’s all depends on the call volume, everything, everything is different. We could be doing traffic stops to wrangling up cattle, horses, goats,” said Patrol Division Cpl. Shelbie Scott. “To helping pedestrians on the side of the road to traffic accidents, to medical calls, to suicidal subjects, burglaries, anything you name it. That’s what we do every day.”

According to Scoot, there are three shifts in the patrol division, a midnight, day, and evening shift. She added that she has talked to previous academies in the past, but this is her first for the patrol division.

“I am an instructor for the sheriff’s office, and I have done this for the last 11 years. So, I love teaching and I love to give back to the community. So, this is another great way to do that and inform our citizens of what we do,” said Scott.

Scott talked more about how this academy benefits the citizens and the Potter County Sheriff’s Office.

“They get a little bit more experience on what we do every day and what our job entails. And how we try to assist them and help them through our daily jobs. And maybe see a little more through our perspective and not just from the outside looking in,” said Scott.

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