AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The sounds are real, the emotions are real, and that’s just how it’s intended to be at the active shooter drill at River Road High School this morning.

“This sort of training is very, very important for all staff members, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teachers, paraprofessionals, to have an understanding of the processes and the procedures that we will use,” said Richard Kelley, Superintendent of River Road Independent School District. “If we have any type of active threat on any of our campuses.”

Superintendent Kelley said the training involved 250 River Road staff, the Potter County Sherriff’s Office and SWAT Team, and is meant to give staff a better understanding of crisis response.

The training scenario was set up with a participant portraying an active shooter, coming into the building, confronting people in hallway and moving to the library, before ultimately being neutralized in the library.

Superintendent Kelley says the biggest part of preventing tragedies on school grounds, is prevention and detection.

“How can we better reach those students? Are those individuals that are struggling to just make it through the day that are having issues? And how can we recognize those things and maybe address those things? Before they escalate any further? What can we further do to address bullying concerns not just the victim of the bully, but the bully himself?,” he said.

Erin Brandstatt, Principal of Rolling Hills Elementary, said the training hits close to home.

“It’s a very emotional training because you get to hear everything that’s going on,” Brandstatt said.

But she also thinks it will be beneficial for all involved.

“But I think it definitely gives us a very eye opening realistic view of what something like that could look like and possibly happen. And it is going to help i think in the long run,” she said.

For more information on the River Road ISD’s school safety, click here.