AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The coffee business is booming in Amarillo. From national chains to local coffee shops, coffee beans are helping people turn profits, it is also helping men with addictions turn to a higher calling.

It is called Revivify Coffee and it is one of Amarillo’s best kept secrets. It’s one part roastery and one part redemption story.

“People love local, they love organic, but they want to kind of get the bank for their buck,” says Scott Darcy, the Coffee Manager at Revivify. “We kind of provide a product with a purpose.”

Revivify is not your typical coffee business. It is a company that is giving men facing addiction and prison time, a new life.

Daniel Spitler, the executive director of Life Challenge Amarillo, attended a seminar about helping generate funds for non-profits through micro businesses. After returning home to Amarillo, Spitler decided Life Challenge was about to get into the coffee business.

“When I saw the definition of revivify, to add new life or vigor to, I was like, you know what, that’s exactly what we do here at Life Challenge,” said Spitler. “That’s our name.”

The men of Life Challenge brewed their first cup of coffee in 2018 but they have been in the business of changing life for four decades.

“Life challenge is all about offering hope to those who are in bondage, to addictions or other life controlling issues, mainly drugs, mainly alcohol, but other life controlling issues as well as anger,” said Spitler.

Scott Darcy is the coffee manager and graduate of the program.

“I didn’t think there was another way,” says Darcy. “I had been to other groups, or organizations like AAA and those are great places and stuff, but I kind of needed radical change, I needed a whole lifestyle change.

Scott found that change here at Life Challenge. Darcy graduated in 2020 but is back serving as a full-time roaster and manager.

Many of the current residents have a similar story.

“Specifically, I know that due to circumstances, I would still be in jail at this time almost a year later, had I not decided to change or do something different,” says Charles. He even admits there was a chance he could be dead.

Charles spent 64 days in Potter County before coming to Life Challenge. He will graduate from the program this summer but will stay on for another six months.

You can find Charles and Scott Darcy on the coffee truck during special events. Every penny they earn at Revivify goes back into the program.

“So every cup of coffee you buy from us, every bag at United you pick up, you’re helping out just a small bit of helping up someone changed their life,” said Darcy.

Revivify provides money for the ministry but Spitler said, “it gives our men a sense of purpose. Jesus is who changes people, but life challenge leads the way.”

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