AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — According to documents filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Reagor-Dykes Auto Group co-founder Bart Reagor has officially filed an appeal regarding his recent judgment and sentence after being found guilty of making false statements to a bank in October 2021.

According to previous reports by, Reagor was sentenced to 168 months, or 14 years, in federal prison earlier this month. 55-year-old Reagor was convicted of intentionally using $1,766,277.77 out of a $10 million capital loan from the International Bank of Commerce (IBC) for personal gain after officials told the bank that it was solely to be used for the growth of the auto group. A jury found Reagor not guilty on two counts of bank fraud.

Along with the federal prison sentence, Reagor is required to pay $9,378,817.28 in restitution to IBC Bank along with $1,760,000 in the form of a “money judgment” forfeiture, if the judgment and sentence do not change in appeal. This forfeiture includes the $950,951.18 seized out of a bank account belonging to Reagor in late 2018. After the time served, Reagor will serve five years under supervised release. 

Even during the sentencing hearing, which occurred March 10, Reagor continued to maintain his innocence, saying at the time that he was planning to challenge the conviction on appeal.

“Our family is just looking forward to the appeal,” Reagor told members of the media after the March 10 sentencing. “I know I’m innocent and we are going to win the appeal.” 

John Markham, an attorney based out of Boston who now represents Reagor on his defense counsel team, also spoke about the defense’s intention to appeal, saying at the time that it was a tough case. At the time, Markham praised Matthew  J. Kacsmaryk – the U.S. District Judge who oversaw the case – for the thought he gave the ruling.

“This is a tough case. He believes he’s innocent,” Markham said at the time. “He has his right to appeal. I was very pleased with what I thought was the fairness of the court in considering everything… I’ve never seen a judge be this painstakingly… detailed in everything that he did. We are stuck with the conviction unless we get it reversed on appeal.” 

According to previous reports, Reagor will be required to self-surrender to federal prison before 2 p.m. May 9. Officials from both the prosecution and the defense recommended that Reagor serve his term at the Federal Medical Center facility in Fort Worth with his ongoing medical issues. 

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