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Amarillo Woman "Rattled" After Unwanted Visitor Comes Through Doggy Door

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR) - "This time of year, with the warmer weather, the more rainfall we're getting, we're starting to see more and more reptiles move around a little bit," said Mike Boley, Amarillo Zoo Visitor Services Coordinator.  

One of those reptiles moved right into a local woman's home but it didn't stay long.

She installed a doggie door for her pups, instead, she got a snake.

She remembers hearing the sound of her dog door flap.

With the notorious High Plain winds, it's not uncommon to see and hear Pam Burton's doggy door flapping in the wind.

Last week, while relaxing in her recliner she then heard another noise

"Just sitting here watching tv and I can hear something, and all sudden I could hear the rattle and he was right there by my chair right where that cord is at. He was all coiled up," said Pam Burton, Rattlesnake entered her home.

It's the guest no one wanted.

She said somehow, possibly from the open field near her home, the slithering serpent slid in, and she slid out.

"I just got up, jumped on my coffee table, jumped on my couch. So then I jumped off and I ran into the bathroom," said Burton.

"I jumped in the tub. Of course, my dogs wouldn't get in there." 

She said her dogs were just as scared then as they were of our camera during this interview.

As she waited in her makeshift shelter, the neighbor she called came through, "taking care" of the snake.

"It's not uncommon for folks to encounter a snake in their backyard. Little more uncommon to hear about one coming from a doggy door," said Mike Boley, Amarillo Zoo Visitor Services Coordinator.

Since the scare, Burton has taken several precautionary measures to make sure another visitor doesn't make its way inside.

That doggy door is now covered up, mothballs line various parts of the home and Burton has trimmed down some of the branches in her yard.

She also wants to stress the snakes are not coming from her neighborhood in Highland Park Village. 

This isn't Burton's first encounter with a snake.

She said when she lived in Colorado, a Garter snake crawled into her dryer vent and had 11 babies in her basement. 

But she said she's definitely not calling herself a snake expert. 

WARNING: Graphic photo of the snake below:







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