Correction: This version of the story updates their winning status.

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Randall High School’s trophy case is looking a little more packed after the Unified Interscholastic Track and Field team won bronze at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, Florida.

After only two years after starting the unified track team at Randall High School, the team placed third overall. The athletes from Randall High School represented Team Texas and were the only unified track team representing Texas.

Courtesy: Coach Megan Hight

“I love these kids are getting to represent the Texas Panhandle. When we got to Orlando and we are competing against other states. Everybody thinks we are from south Texas, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth and we had to tell them we are from Amarillo. This is totally different. That little small knit community,” said Randall High School Coach Megan Hight.

Coach Hight said the students competed in the 100-meter dash, the 200 meter, the 400-meter, shot-put, the long jump, the four-by, and the sprint rally.

Isaiah Kirkman, who got gold in the shot-put event said it’s a big deal for him to compete at the USA Games and to be a part of the unified track team.

“Most people don’t get this experience whatsoever and for me, I like to hang out with all of these guys and I never thought I would have such a great experience meeting new people as much as I did with this team,” said Kirkman.

Silver medalist in the four-by Aiden Drerup said the comradery on the team is like no other.

“In football, I’m with my brothers and wrestling and powerlifting, you are just by yourself, but with unified track, everybody is just trying to do their best, everybody is rooting each other on. It’s just one big family,” said Drerup.

Courtesy: Coach Megan Hight

Coach Hight said she hopes with Randall’s placement at the USA Games, that more people get interested in unified track.

“I’m hoping it will intrigue others, bring more interest, get more kids the opportunity to participate. It shows you this is so wide open and everybody has that opportunity if we could just get more going,” said Hight.

Randall High School and Canyon High School are the only two schools that offer Unified Interscholastic Track and Field in the Amarillo area.