AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)- On Wednesday the Randall County Commissioners Court voted to extend the disaster declaration initially signed into effect June 1.

“This allows us to continue to collect our Texas Department of Emergency Management and iSTAT damage assessments to see the extent of the damage,” said Randall County Judge Christy Dyer. “Hopefully, for the citizens to be able to qualify for federal relief, possibly state relief.”

During the meeting, the commissioner’s court also addressed concerns from residents on 77th Street. Last Thursday, residents were forced to evacuate as water entered their homes.

The residents expressed frustration with a lack of available resources, communication and how development had impacted flooding in the area.

“We will do what we can to provide any assistance that we can to those citizens,” said Dyer.

During the meeting, the court voted to approve funding that will sponsor a temporary pump being placed on Playa Lake Seven.

“We have participated in a joint 5050 operation for this month, we will see what happens in the following months,” said Dyer. They had to procure it from another area. It will pump as I said, to the McDonald like, but it can only pump to the McDonald’s Lake.

Dyer continued, “When the city of Amarillo has figured out whatever their flow failures are to get McDonald to Medi Park. So once the relief is provided there at McDonald Lake, then we will start pumping and we will pump every time there isn’t rain.”

According to Dyer, the city of Amarillo is leading the partnership on the temporary pump. Thursday afternoon the city of Amarillo is scheduled to host a special disaster declaration meeting.

Mayor Cole Stanley shared they’ll address relief efforts currently underway, vote to approve pump funding, and provide clarity on what a disaster declaration means.

“It’s everything from city management, being able to close down a road, and being able to warn your public residents this is not a safe place to stay,” said Stanley. “As well as manage some of the financial burdens that we’re going to see our residents face and having the system in place where it’s easy for them to get online, fill out that claim.”

The city will also vote to approve funding for temporary pumps and other emergency management items.

“We’ll need to vote on spending the $98,000 which was the cost just to put the two pumps in Playa number seven temporarily,” said Stanley. “Beyond that, we have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cost in mobilizing emergency management. Everything from road barricades all the way to fuel for these pumps. So we’ll take an overall evaluation of all of these costs, we’ll submit it in the right format to the state of Texas, and then some of those costs are reimbursable.”

Potter County will also hold a special disaster declaration meeting Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. Judge Nancy Tanner, signed the declaration into place last month as flooding began impacting residents.

According to Tanner, they began receiving calls as roads flooded and residents could not get to their homes or livestock. Tanner shared they are extending the declaration for safety reasons.

“The primary thing goal is to stay alive stay alive don’t do anything silly, said Tanner. “Don’t do anything that’s against the rules don’t go around the barricades if it’s blocked the roads blocked don’t go through it.”

If you have experienced damage to your property officials recommend contacting emergency management. Judge Tanner shared that during the meeting they’ll provide more information on how to file for relief help.

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