CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — As the weather continues to heat up, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is expected to get more visitors. With that increase comes reminders about park safety during the summer months.

Park Interpreter Bradley Kliemann said people often miscalculate how hot it is because of the area’s dry heat.

“Some people use that as an excuse to act like it’s not as hot out, maybe won’t feel as hot as say down by the bayou and Houston in the swamp, but remember, it is dry here,” said Kliemann.

Chief Meteorologist John Harris said the temperature in the canyon can be hotter than on the rim.

“You can usually add on a good 10 degrees,” said John. “So again, dangerously hot.”

This is why both say it is important to make sure people bring lots of water.

“Bring more water than you think you need because when you get to about that halfway point of your water supply, that’s when you know, it’s probably time to start heading back,” said Kliemann.

“Heat exhaustion is a huge concern and of course heatstroke is deadly,” said John. “So you want to use all precautions when you’re taking that hike down the canyon.”

It is not just the heat you need to worry about.

“We’re just visiting here. So we are outdoors in nature, there’s always the chance that you might come across the snake, other wildlife,’ said Kliemann.

Kliemann said snake bites are rare but do happen, mostly in people who stray away from the path most traveled. This is why he stresses that it is important to stay on the trail.

“If you stick to the developed trails, the potential of getting bit by a rattlesnake goes down significantly,” said Kliemann. “We want people our visitors to be taking the utmost precaution. So that way we can focus on improving the park and getting the best experience possible for our visitors.”

If one does run into a snake, Kliemann said the best thing to do is give it some space. As long as it does not feel threatened, it should not attack.

Kliemann added if someone does get into a situation and needs help, call 911 immediately. The canyon has a new cell tower to help with service. If there is no service, Kliemann said asking fellow people in the park for help is the next best thing to do.