AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — During the holiday break, many students see this as a time to relax. According to Canyon ISD staff, if proper steps are not taken during the break it can lead to holiday learning loss. West Plains Testing Coordinator, Ashley Leonard, said that students should continue to learn even during the break, so they do not fall behind when they return to school.

“We want students to have a balanced break. We know that rest, relaxation and rejuvenation from a demanding school schedule is also important over break,” Leonard added. “So, something as simple as twenty minutes a day help keeping their mind active on something is really all it takes to help prevent that learning loss over the break.”

West Plains Student Support Specialist, Mandie Duggan, said students have been missing the day-to-day structure and when they first come back from break the educators take time to get the students back on schedule.

“As educators we feel it’s important to revisit just like we do at the beginning of the school year, rules, procedures and such. So, that kind of helps build that foundation again before we start into the academic side,” Duggan said.

Duggan encouraged parents to add a day-to-day structure during the holiday break, so the students are still using what they have learned in school.

“It’s important that you take one activity a day, just one. To interact with your child and help build some of those foundational skills that they have been working on,” Duggan said. “Rather it’s we are going to the grocery store we are going to spend this much money, how many pennies can we use to pay for this, how many nickels is that. Recipes, if you are cooking for the holidays, it’s a great time to get hands on with those math skills and reading.”

Leonard added that even with high school students, parents can still help during the break.
She said the best thing to do is keep it simple and just like any other grade level it is important that high schoolers continue to use their reading skills.

Canyon ISD has provided a document that parents can use during the break to help prevent their students from learning loss over the holiday.