UPDATE (10:27 a.m.)

Officials from the city of Amarillo are warning of potential wildfire conditions throughout the area Tuesday. In an Amarillo Alert sent out over email and text, officials said that strong winds, including gusts of more than 60 MPH, could make travel hazardous and could lead to a potentially life-threatening wildfire event. Officials are asking members of the community to not conduct any activities that could start a fire outside.

Officials with the Oklahoma Forestry Services also issued a Red Flag Warning for the northwest part of the state and the eastern portions of the eastern Oklahoma Panhandle. Officials said there could be sustained southwest winds to 35 mph, gusts up to 60 mph and temperatures in the mid-90s. There could be extreme fire behavior and extreme rates of fire spread in those portions of the state.


RANDALL COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Randall County Fire Department took to social media Tuesday morning to warn residents of “extremely critical” fire weather and urged people to be prepared for possible evacuation orders.

The Tuesday potential for wildfire outbreaks was high, according to the fire department, as conditions could lead to “very large, fast-moving wildfires.” A Red Flag warning was issued and is expected to last from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“Today’s extremely critical fire weather conditions also bring the term Southern Plains WIldfire Outbreaks,” said the department in a social media post, “If wildfire get started, control will be difficult and the issuing of widespread evacuation orders could occur.”

Further, the department warned residents to avoid using cutting torches or welding rigs on Tuesday, as conditions were considered too dangerous for those items to be safely operated.

Both the Texas A&M Forest Service and the Oklahoma Forestry Services issued warnings of critical wildfire outbreak risks this week, also looking ahead into the Tuesday conditions.