RANDALL COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Randall County voters began using the Verity Duo System to cast their ballots in the midterm election.

The change in equipment came after the Texas Legislature made it a requirement that all counties throughout the state have a paper audit trail by 2026. Funding for the equipment was covered by the state since the change occurred during this year’s midterm election.

“What this does, it’s one more checks and balance that we do,” said Shannon Lackey, Randall County elections administrator. “This is going to tell us at the end of the night, the amount of people that have checked in that say that they’re here to vote, we actually have the paper backup, to prove that those numbers are the same. So we don’t have more ballots cast than we actually had people sign in.”

With the new system having a paper component Randall County voters shared their thoughts on the new technology.

“Very easy to understand, the instructions were clear, and I thought the fact that retained a paper ballot will reduce fraud and keep people honest,” said Eugene Price, Randall County voter.

Another voter expressed his support of the change and stated that the added security measure sets Texas apart.

“I like them, I’m a techy guy,” stated Glayde Coleman, Randall County voter. “I like the fact that it’s printing out paper so it can be checked, anytime you can verify is good.”

It is important to know that the printed paper that shows who you voted for is not a receipt.

“We are having is voters think they get to take that with them that that could conceivably be a receipt, said Lackey.” “Well, Texas law doesn’t allow for that your vote is still private. When you see the American flag wave, you know that your votes been counted.”

Early voting runs through Nov. 4, with the General Election taking place Nov. 8.

If you are voting by mail you must request a provisional ballot by Oct.28.