AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — As our record heat continues, a local HVAC service is sharing tips for keeping the air conditioning running.

With highs in the 100s, AC units are going out and technicians are in high demand.

Avalos Heating and Air has four service technicians and the owner, Francisco Avalos, said they are receiving between 15 and 20 calls a day for no air conditioning.

He said they are usually able to respond to about 15 a day on average.

“Definitely it’s a challenge on its own and there’s a lot of demand for no air conditioning calls, lots of customers without air conditioning and so definitely a lot of workload,” said Avalos.

If your AC has gone out, Avalos said it can reach unsafe temperatures inside.

“I’ve seen houses be in the 90s when the air conditioner goes down and that’s definitely not safe,” he said. “So, one of the things that we recommend to people is close the blinds, close the doors. The less opening and closing of doors and windows helps preserve some of that coolness in the house.”

He also recommended turning on ceiling fans to keep the air moving.

To keep your AC from going out in the first place, he said, “Keeping it at a constant temperature and not be changing temperatures up and down is definitely a good thing to do. Cleaning the air filters is the number one, always having a clean filter takes some of the load off of the air conditioner.”

He continued, “Make sure there’s no trees or weeds or things like that growing around your air conditioner. Keep it clean to give it good airflow. That’s always a good thing to do.”

If you notice your AC is not keeping up with the temperature set on your thermostat, Avalos said people should avoid trying to fix it themselves.

“It is recommended to get a professional licensed technician to service your unit because air conditioners run on high voltage,” he said. “So, there’s some safety concerns there and the mechanics of it is very specialized. So it’s always best to get a professionally trained technician.”

Avalos also recommends having your AC checked regularly to keep it in good condition.

“One of the things that we always like to educate our customers on is doing preventive maintenance,” Avalos said. “So, getting in the spring ahead of the season, and having your air conditioner service is always a great thing to do.”