AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Since the Hamas-Israel war began in October, we have seen tension rise abroad and back here in the states.

Today at the Potter County Courthouse several community members made a stance in support of Palestine, demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Hamas-Israel war.

“An actual genocide is happening over Palestine. The government says that Israel has a right to defend itself, it does. And we also believe that Palestine has a right to defend itself. So, everybody says, what about Oct. 7? What about every day since then,” said the organizer of the rally Keisha Hendricks.

Hendricks talked more about why she decided to take a stand in support of Palestine.

“I’ve seen way too many dead bodies in the last month. Children, over 11,000 martyrs at this point, the numbers are climbing, because people are trapped under the rubble. Children, over 5000 children have died. What do they have to do with Hamas,” said Hendricks.

A few other community members were also at the rally standing in support of Israel.

“My family’s Jewish, and there’s no one here to speak up for us. It’s been the position of the Jewish people for 3,335 years and no one has spoken up for us. It’s always been us on our own, with no voice other than just a few people who will allow us to tell our history,” said a supporter of Israel Gavriel Ben David.

Ben David explained more about his personal connection with Israel and why he is making his voice heard.

“I have family in Israel, three of my rabbis are in Israel. My rabbi in Israel Rabbi Haim Richmond, lives in Jerusalem, and my family lives in Judea and Samaria, Shomron. So, the Jewish people are a quarter of 1% of the world’s population that’s less than 1%,” said Ben David. “So whenever one jew is lost, the whole family suffers.”

Hendricks added that she wants everyone to take a stand because if this was happening on American soil, she hopes others in the world would be watching.

“Just yesterday, Al Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza. All their electricity was cut off. They were surrounded by Israeli snipers. They’re not allowed to leave, and 39 babies, and incubators have died. So, when is the score even? When is enough enough,” said Hendricks.

Ben David said that this does not only affect Jews and Israelis but affects everyone.

“Everywhere Islam has been since 618. There are no more Jews and no more Christians living in those lands. That is their absolute purpose to remove every Christian and every Jew from the world. All you have to do is look at every country that Islam has been in, said Ben David” There’s no more Jews, no more Christians. So, it affects everyone.”

Both Hendricks and Ben David talked about the stance that the American government has taken with the Hamas-Israel war.

“The government will say that they’re trying to tell Israel to not target civilians. Like I said before, with the first point of view perspective from these innocent civilians. I see something completely different. And the numbers prove it, 11,000 died already and the numbers are climbing,” said Hendricks.

“America is not helping Israel, they’re sending money to Iran, they’re sending money to Gaza, which funds what’s going on, what’s happening now. Any money that trickles down from Iran goes to these protests,” said Ben David.

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