AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — After a scheduled mediation on Monday, the parties involved in the new Potter County District Courts building project provided an update surrounding claims brought forward by a local union of tax fraud and wage theft on the project.

According to previous reports by, representatives from the Carpenters Local Union 665 are claiming that workers on the new $63 million Potter County District Courts building were not receiving correct wages and benefits while working on the project, led by Adolfson & Peterson Construction, a construction management firm and general contractor.

Officials from the union also claimed that taxes are not being paid on the labor of many of the workers. According to previous reports, officials from the union claimed they spoke with carpenters on site about the situation, stressing they had alleged evidence for their claims. The union first raised their concerns to the Potter County Commissioners’ Court in April.

“The union continues to investigate and has evidence that the workers are still not being paid the legally required wages. Many, maybe most, of the carpenters on the job are not even being paid as employees,” officials said at the time. “They do not have taxes taken out of their pay, depriving the citizens of Potter County of the tax revenues necessary for civic projects. The result will be greater taxes paid by law-abiding local residents.”

In a statement from Central South Carpenters provided Wednesday, officials said:

“We intend to move forward in our efforts where Denman Construction is concerned. The General Contractor settled in mediation.

The current administration put rules in place that promote good jobs for Americans from the infrastructure bill, which is defined by a living wage, benefits, and proper training for all people. Our priority is to represent the interests of construction professionals.”

Central South Carpenters Officials

Officials from Adolfson & Peterson Construction confirmed with that there was an agreement between the company and Carpenters Local Union 665.

According to previous reports, Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner said the complaint was first received by the court on May 9. She also said that she had no idea at the time of the legitimacy of the claims that the union was making.

In a statement provided by Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley on Wednesday, Brumley said this about the mediation:

“No conclusive agreement was reached, but it would be reasonable to say that there was clarification of the issues that will, we hope, aid in resolution of the matter. A final hearing date before the Commissioners Court has not yet been set.”

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley has reached out to Denman Building Products, a local company which provided workers on the project, for a statement regarding this update. Officials have not yet responded to’s request for comment.