AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — An 8-year-old is recovering after being shot during a road rage incident over the weekend.

It happened just before 11 p.m. on Friday, June 10 at 10th and S Cleveland, where officers said two vehicles were involved in an incident and the driver of one vehicle fired a shot into the other vehicle. The driver, whose son was shot chased after the vehicle and forced it off the road.

Amarillo Police said they drove up to what appeared to be an accident right as it happened. That is when officers said the driver of one of the vehicles told them his son had been shot by the suspect driver of the other vehicle, later identified as Frankie Lee Haigood, 58.

APD said Haigood was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and taken to the Potter County Jail after being taken to the hospital and treated for injuries sustained in the crash.

Jail officials said Haigood bonded out, his bond set at $25,000.

Sgt. Carla Burr with the Amarillo Police Department said while she is not sure what started the road rage incident, slowing down and being courteous on the road is a must.

“If you find yourself in that situation where someone is angry about your driving and they’re becoming aggressive, get on the phone and call 911 right away. Start recording, if you can safely, even if it’s just audio of what’s going on, in your car, what’s going on around you, but 911 is the first thing,” said Burr.

The little boy, Nicasio Frausto, 8, is on the mend after being shot in the road rage incident.

According to the Amarillo Police Department, the eight-year-old was taken to the hospital after he was shot during that road rage incident. His dad, Eric Frausto, said he is now back home and recovering well.

“He is doing a lot better. He’s still in pain. The swelling, it got pretty bad. It’s swelling up pretty big. He’s starting to bruise around is his eyes, his nose, around his forehead area where he was shot,” said Eric Frausto

Frausto said Nico is up, walking and talking, but will have to lay off of solid foods because it hurts when he chews.

“He was just grazed. It fractured his forehead. It’s a hairline fracture,” said Frausto “It looked like maybe he just scraped his head or something. But them doctors did an awesome, awesome job putting the skin in the forehead back together.”

Frausto said he and his wife are grateful their son is still alive.

“He’s a strong little boy. And he’s, he’s my hero,” said Frausto, “It’s a blessing he’s still here. God is good, God is great.”

Frausto continued by saying that we need better laws to protect kids from shootings.

“These gun laws have to change. They got to be a little bit stricter, or a lot more stricter,” he said I wouldn’t want this on any family. Any family. I mean, every time me and my wife talked to talk about the Uvalde shooting, we break down in tears, we cry, and we just, oh my god, we’re just like, we almost lost our child. And it just it breaks our heart to see these babies, our future getting their lives taken away from them. It’s awful. It’s awful. Something has to be done and I hope something is done very soon. I mean, there’s too many killings and it has to stop.”

Frausto said his family has gotten community support from all over the Amarillo area, and even from across the state. He said he is very thankful for prayers and well wishes sent their way so they know that they are not dealing with this alone.

A link to donate to his GoFundMe page can be found here.