AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Potter County Sheriff’s Office took to social media on Wednesday morning to advise community members against rafting along the Canadian River after some reports of people planning to move down the current towards Lake Meredith.

“Currently they are estimating there is 3 million gallons flowing every minute at the bridge area,” said the office in a social media post, marking the rise of the river to record depths, “That is a lot of water!”

The office warned that the Canadian River current continues to move at a dangerous speed, with a strong flow and “very dangerous” undercurrent. Officials said that neither novice nor experienced rafters should attempt to move along the river in its current state. Further, closer to the lake the water spreads out into a marshland that is “not really a floatable area,” said officials, with “extreme” quicksand that is a hazard.

“Most important,” said officials, was that the department does not have the equipment to get into the area nor for rescues in high water with swift movement.

“This also would take us a long time to get to you if we can. This also pulls our resources away from the rest of the county,” officials continued, “Please be wise in making decisions on going to the river, it is dangerous please heed the warnings from all.”

As noted previously on, parts of the Canadian River Channel have flooded in recent weeks, bringing a marked influx of water to Lake Meredith. Another release of water into the river may also come in the next weeks, compounding the general rise in water levels due to the recent rainfall.

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