AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — For the third week of the Citizens Academy participants were able to hear from the Texas Department of Public Safety and Potter County Fire and Rescue.

“So DPS’s day-to-day is they do more of their traffic stops. They don’t do that every day, call to call. They also work accidents, so they work the accidents for Potter County and Randall County, any of the surrounding counties,” said Potter County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Sgt. Krishuna Mckinney.

Citizens were able to hear from DPS Sgt. Cindy Barkley, along with Potter County Fire and Rescue Chief Gwen.

“They’re going to come in and tell us a little bit about what all they do. Who’s the paid staff who is the volunteer staff, and then they’ll just show us their equipment, their fire trucks and what each engine does,” said Mckinney.

Mckinney added that both Sgt. Barkley and Chief Gwen Campbell work a lot in the community for their departments.

“I hope that they see what all DPS does and how much they offer. And oh, you know, maybe even recruit some people. With Potter County, I think the public needs to know that a lot of these firefighters, their volunteer firefighters,” said Mckinney. “So, they’re doing this out of the courtesy of their heart going out and fighting fires and you know, help in Potter County.”

The Citizens Academy will continue tomorrow night with participants hearing from a district and county attorney.

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