AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – A special Potter County Commissioners Court meeting was held today to discuss the status of the new District Courts building. Building architects along with judges and the commissioner court were able to cover issues that some are having with the new District Courts building.

According to Potter County 47th District Attorney, Jason Herring, one issue seen in the building is the number of electrical outlets.

“Now, obviously, in the building that we currently occupy. You walk around the offices there, and there’s at least an outlet like that on every wall, obviously, in modern life in the world in the way that we do business,” said Herring. “You’re talking multiple monitors, computers, all kinds of electrical equipment. So, one of our concerns was immediately hey, how are we going to plug everything in here without having an issue.”

According to John Coffee, Potter County Commissioner Precinct Three, with Potter County’s past facilities maintenance director he was unaware of any change orders that came through the court.

At the meeting a motion was passed that will allow current Potter County’s facilities maintenance director, Mike Head to have authority to assign change orders.

“So now, we did give Mike Head the authority to assign those change orders in the amount of $60,000. Previously, there was no authority giving, and they were just assigned, and we were unaware of it,” said Coffee.

Coffee talked more about what the community can expect out of the new District Courts Building.

“But at this point, the building itself the I think that that we’ve have a path forward and it will be in at some point. I’m not sure if it’s going to be November, December or maybe January,” said Coffee.

Coffee added that the district courts building is a great building, but officials just needed to take the time to identify a few problems within the building.

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