AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Four years to the day, November 23rd, Canadian teenager Thomas Brown went missing.

“How does one of the most popular boys in town disappear and no one has a clue what happened,” said Skip Hollandsworth, Texas Monthly Magazine Executive Director.

That was the basis for Hollandsworth on why he wanted to do a podcast on the twists and turns in the case of Thomas Brown.

“This story had a lot of cliffhangers. Every few months, there was another shoe that dropped. There was another fact that became public. So you had a kind of built-in mystery narrative going on that’s perfect for a podcast,” said Hollandsworth.

The podcast examines the case from the beginning when Brown went missing back in 2016 to now, which for Hollandsworth and many others has left way more questions than answers.

“Well they clearly didn’t like each other,” said Hollandsworth.

Hollandsworth is referring to the relationship between now former Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis and Private Investigator Philip Klein.

Klein was hired by Brown’s family to investigate Tom’s case.

“Klein who was very much a confident, bombastic man and he’s the first to admit that. Then you have this young sheriff and his own sense of confidence and his own sense of protectiveness of his town. So you had this kind of built-in antagonism from the start,” said Hollandsworth.

As far as any possible closure to this case?

“I have absolutely no idea. This is why this story is so interesting is because no one knows. No one knows or whoever knows is lying and there’s still someone out there that’s telling a big lie about everything that’s going on,” said Hollandsworth.

The podcast is divided up in to eight parts.

You can check it out here.