Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine distribution to healthcare workers continue

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — As reported yesterday, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine has arrived in Amarillo.

During today’s City COVID-19 Update, both Dr. Scott Milton, Public Health Authority, and Dr. Brian Weis, Chief Medical Officer at Northwest Texas Hospital spoke about their experience receiving the vaccine.

Dr. Milton said, “I don’t have a third arm growing out of where I got vaccinated. It’s a little bit sore, it’s just like a flu shot.”

Dr. Michael Lamanteer, Chief Medical Officer at BSA, shared that at least 100 vaccinations had been given since this morning.

However, in order to achieve better immunity against COVID-19, everyone who has been vaccinated must also receive the second dose of the vaccine.

Dr. Weis, additionally, explained the importance of properly reporting to the state, in order to receive that key component.

“As Casie mentioned, another vaccine is necessary for twenty-one days later and the state is holding that second dose for everybody and will release it based on the reporting we give to the state. So we’ve got to make sure that the reporting is done properly,” stated Dr. Weis.

Additionally, the doctors in today’s City COVID-19 Update discussed the noticeable drop our community has seen in COVID-19 numbers at the hospitals and are attributing the recent decline to the mask ordinance and the community’s compliance.

Dr. Milton said, “We need to remain vigilant with our practicing of social distancing and wearing a mask. Clearly our numbers are down and I don’t think that’s necessarily any coincidence with our masking order either.”

Dr. Milton also shared that he applauds and encourages these small business owners and all individuals to keep it up.

Dr. Rodney Gonzalez, Director at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital, said that the Amarillo VA is waiting for the Moderna vaccine to be approved by the FDA, hopefully Thursday.

“Once that gets its’ Emergency Use Authorization, EUA approved by the FDA and they begin to ship it out, then we expect to get some of that vaccine here,” said Dr. Gonzalez.

Once that vaccine’s Emergency Use Authorization is approved by the FDA, and after it is shipped out, then the VA expects to receive some of the Moderna vaccine here in Amarillo.

Dr. Gonzalez said their first priority is going to be getting the vaccine to those in their community living center and their staff that works at the community living center.

Following that, then they will begin to move to distributing the vaccine to their COVID-19 frontline workers in their inpatient and emergency room settings.

“I think there’s a silver lining to this whole experience. It has been the fact that our city, our hospitals, our Texas Tech have all learned to work together beautifully, and I’ve really come to appreciate all my colleagues and all these organizations,” said Dr. Weis.

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