PERRYTON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A local school district could soon be arming their faculty and it is a decision they are not taking lightly.

“With the environment in the world today and all the different school shootings. They seem to continue to happen. So I think that it’s better to be prepared than be caught off guard,” said Perryton ISD Superintendent James Mireles.

Superintendent Mireles on possibly allowing faculty to have handguns on campus.

“The board and I have been discussing this and researching this for over a year, being very transparent with our community and our employees and our parents. This is the first time they’ve heard of it. So we want to give them time to react. I think we’ve given two weeks for the survey right now, so that we give everyone a chance to do the survey,” said Superintendent Mireles.

Superintendent Mireles said that following those two weeks, the school board will host an open meeting with the community to discuss their options.

“There’s still a lot of questions to be answered but right now some of the surveys that we’re getting back is our community is in favor of it and our staff is in favor of it,” said Superintendent Mireles.

Superintendent Mireles also said if this is all approved, it will be on a volunteer basis, meaning teachers who do not feel comfortable with a weapon in their classroom, do not have to have one.

The ones that will do, will remain anonymous.

“I will be the one that actually screens everybody and those who will actually be carrying on campus. No one else will know that. We will do extensive training with the people but they have to have a conceal and carry license prior to the training. We’re not stepping in to this lightly. We have really done our homework and know kind of how we want to do it,” said Superintendent Mireles.

Superintendent Mireles did say that the Perryton Police Department’s response is very good and usually arrives within two minutes but said that a lot of damage can be done in two minutes.

Superintendent Mireles also adds that if they do approve this measure, it probably will not be implemented until the beginning of next year.