AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Panhandle Paws of Hope is aiming to bring a little Christmas cheer to the furry friends in their care.

“This keeps us going,” said Gayle Luna, Panhandle Paws of Hope President.

Luna on the impact their “Angel Tree” has on their rescue.

“We spend as much money on dog food as we do vet bills. We’ve already saved 250 animals this year and we’ve transported most of those out and then we’re looking forward to next year,” said Luna.

Located in both Amarillo Tractor Supply locations, the way the angel tree works is quite simple.

“We have our specific dogs on ornaments and then just items that we need to keep our shelter going. It’s nothing exorbitant. It’s just dog food, collars, toys, treats and those kind of items. You pick an ornament off the tree. We have a little tag this year. They put the items on that and then you can take the ornament home and put it on your Christmas tree. Tractor Supply contacts us and then we come and pick up the items,” said Luna.

Even though it may not seem like much, Luna said every bit helps.

“People say well I can’t do much, come adopt a dog, get the items. That helps us tremendously. We’re a smaller based group. With as many rescues and animals we have in town, this is a way that people can participate and not break the bank. We don’t want to cause a burden on anybody but this is a way that people can give back and this way they see who they’re helping,” said Luna.

Luna said that some of the dogs pictured on the angel tree are actually up for adoption as well.

The trees are located at both Amarillo Tractor Supply locations at 8511 Canyon Drive and 6080 Plum Creek Drive.

To learn more about which ones are available and the angel tree itself, you can email Panhandle Paws of Hope at