BORGER, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Panhandle Northern Railroad in Borger recently donated $4,000.00 to the Borger Fire Department.

“We came up with a plan to donate to our local organizations or local first responders to help provide them with the donation to show our support for the services that they provide,” said Brynn Moreland, General Manager of the Panhandle Northern Railroad. “Not only the Panhandle Northern Railroad, but also all our local communities.”

Moreland said the donation is part of PNR’s Safe Shipper Award campaign, which recognizes companies that safely ship or receive loaded railcars in multiple ways.

“The safe shippers are identified by three major categories. They’ve had to move multiple hazmat cars, non-accidental release of any type of product that they might have, and no track caused derailments,” he explained.

PNR is a short line railroad that operates on 31 miles of track between Borger and Panhandle, and like most freight railroads, if you can name it, they can haul it.

We do haul multiple commodities for many of our customers, some being hazardous, some being non-hazardous, regardless of the commodity, we transport it with safety in mind,” Moreland emphasized.

The Borger Fire Department told KAMR the money will make them even more efficient.

“This donation that they’ve been blessing us with, it’s gonna go straight into our training for this department,” said Bobby Mendoza, Public Information Officer for the Borger Fire Department. “We not only protect and serve this community, but we also mutual aid with the surrounding towns.”

Mendoza said BFD is a unique firefighting squad. In addition to advanced training in EMS and structure operations, they focus on wildfire safety as well.

“Because the number of wildfires that we have in our area, Borger Fire Department is the leading fire department and the wild service. We do rope rescue for these industries,” he emphasized.

Moreland said it’s all of it to protect the community.

“Safety is what we do. It’s the first decision we make and the last decision we make. Safety comes first, and our first responders are a big part of that.”

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