Overcoming with faith: The journey of Mike Havens and his family

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —There is a lot of great barbecue here in the panhandle and Spicy Mikes’ Bar-B-Q Haven is one of those places.

The journey for owner Mike Havens and his wife, Anita, has not been an easy one by any means.

“Giving up was never an option. It’s just not in our vocabulary. We just couldn’t. There was no way,” said Mike Havens.

It is that kind of optimism that drives Mike Havens and his wife Anita.

“This man believes in what he does. He’s very very passionate about what he does and ever since I’ve known him, he has wanted to feed the people,” said Anita.

The Havens have been doing that since 2012 when they built the original Spicy Mike’s location. But just three years in, tragedy struck as a fire completely destroyed the restaurant.

“The minute it happened you think, what do I do about my employees? What do I do about my future? It was a devastating fire. We didn’t know what we were going to do, where we were headed,” said Mike.

Where they were headed was actually just a short walk down Western from the original location.

The transition was not an easy one but just eight and a half months later they opened back up and customers were back in droves.

“We didn’t even know where they were coming from. I asked him and I said, ‘Did this many cars drive on Western when we were there?’ It was quite a life-changing event,” said Anita.

But that was just the first in a slew of life-changing events that would rock the Havens family.

Last year, the Havens’ middle son Seth past away from a heart attack, leaving behind his wife Kelly and son Kress.

“Talking about his baby just makes my heart fill with joy. Everything good that’s in the world that a person could be, that was Seth,” said Anita.

“He was the rock star of our family. No doubt, his life was cut short but we have the hope that we will see him again,” said Mike.

Hope and faith are words you will hear a lot from Mike and Anita and it was put to the test just a few days later yet again.

“Our daughter lost her baby, which was two days after her brother died. That was a blow on top of a blow, but we have hope that she’ll be pregnant again and we’ll have another baby,” said Mike.

It did not end there just yet for Havens.

“Oct. 30th of 2019, I had a quadruple bypass and didn’t even really know I had any issues, but come to find out I did,” said Mike.

The surgery was a success and Mike has a clean bill of health.

The Havens will tell you that 2019 was, without a doubt, a tough and trying one for them but they made it through.

How you ask?

“Definitely our faith and our belief in the greater good that it’s all going to be good, right,” said Mike.

“Right, because God has a plan,” said Anita.

“He does,” said Mike.

The Havens say they have been able to maintain steady business during the COVID-19 pandemic and they have also been able to keep all of their employees on board and healthy.

See below for Mike Havens advice about the key to good barbecue:

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