AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Outdoor Amarillo is a new non-profit that is working towards improving area parks to grow the community and culture of Amarillo.

After the bond attempt meant to cover the cost of Amarillo City Park improvements was voted down local residents came together to bridge the gap between the passion for Amarillo parks and the funding needed to make the necessary improvements.

Outdoor Amarillo is a 501(3)c which allows the organization to fundraise and have access to grants and corporate partnerships that may not be accessible to individual citizens or to the city of Amarillo at large.

The organization is still in the early stages of hearing ideas from individuals and the community as well as fundraising to make improvements to the park.

When individuals donate to Outdoor Amarillo they have a say in where their money goes, ensuring that the areas closest to them receive support and funding.

“What we are recommending right now is a split of donations, where 70% of an individual’s donation will stay with the park that they designate, said Matt Morgan, Outdoor Amarillo Board Member. “So if you live in the Bivins area and you want your funding to go to the Bivins School Park 70% of your gifts will stay with that part and then 30% will go into a general fund which outdoor umbrella will use for projects at our regional parks or to help neighborhoods that may not have the funds available that other neighborhoods do.”

Outdoor Amarillo is working collaboratively with the Amarillo Independent School District and City of Amarillo. Once the organization has the ideas and funding they will take the information they have to both entities and show that there is not only a demand for improvements but funding to make the changes.

Larger projects will require city council approval due to zoning issues, equipment regulations and other factors. The current structure of Outdoor Amarillo allows them to address different issues as they arise with flexibility in the decision-making, building and construction process.

Outdoor Amarillo has biweekly meetings on Tuesdays where public feedback is allowed. The meetings are held at the old Zachary Engineering Building located on 5601 I-40 West, during lunch.

Project ideas, donating and purchasing merchandise can all be made on their website.