AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A catalytic converter was stolen from the 2007 Chevy Bus, owned by Opportunity School.

In September 2021, Opportunity School moved to its new facility located at 406 S. Osage. They house their two minibusses and Ford Cargo Van in an enclosed area, which kept their buses safe until May of 2022.

In May the catalytic converter was stolen from the 2002 Ford Van and then in June, the catalytic converter was stolen from the 2002 Chevy Bus.

The two minibusses are used to transport children to field trips and the cargo van is used to transport meals between campuses.

After the first two incidents, the school added a reinforcement fence along with cameras and lighting.

During the month of October, Opportunity School had catalytic converters stolen twice. The first incident happened on Oct.1 and the last incident happened on Oct.26, where one of the buses was vandalized.

“This has cost opportunity school, just over $10,000 in the last several months, for repairs, towing additions, trying to reinforce our security and our fencing, said Jill Goodrich, Opportunity School Executive Director.

The stolen property is not just impacting the school financially but also impacting morale.

“It’s just frustrating that no matter what we do, it just seems like thieves are able to get in and do what they want, said Goodrich.

Goodrich continued, “We want to focus on doing the right thing for kids and focus on children and families, that’s our passion. So when we have to spend a day trying to figure out how to protect our property, or you know, how to make sure that our buses are working properly, it just takes away from the joy. So, you know, I would say our team’s pretty demoralized by this.”

Opportunity school asks that if you see something, say something and look out for your neighbors. The school also asks if you know a safe place to store their vehicles while they find a solution that you call the school.