OLDHAM COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is making some changes ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Boys Ranch Rodeo, including moving it from Labor Day weekend in 2024.

Amanda Rogers, the director of marketing and communications at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, said for the last 79 years, the rodeo has been held on Labor Day weekend. But now, it is set for October 12, 2024, which will alleviate concerns about the heat.

“It’s traditionally been at about 100 degrees the past few years around Labor Day weekend, and we were hoping moving it to the fall would allow for a little bit more comfortable weather more people to come out and really enjoy it,” said Rogers.

She said historically, residents did plenty of rodeo work and were able to show that off at the annual rode. However, she said in 2024, it will expand to showcase all the residents are doing at the ranch.

“Now we have so many different programs from culinary, FFA experiential learning, rocketry and we really want to take the whole day to celebrate it, make it more of a fun fall festival environment, give bus tours around the ranch, highlight our new FFA barn that we’re going to have,” she continued. “We’re hoping to have food trucks, different vendors, crafts, craftsmen, different things like that come out and really make it a whole day where your family could come out and spend a whole day at the ranch.”

She said all kids take part in the rodeo, and about 20-30 will ride.

“Our riders who are maybe a little less skilled, maybe haven’t been with us as long, they’ll still get to show off their skills probably in the morning and do some different exhibitions that way. But it’s going to be our best riders and our most skilled riders there in the afternoon for the big rodeo, but everyone’s gonna get a chance to shine no matter what their niche is,” said Rogers. “And hopefully we’ll bring in some local professional and college rodeo professionals as well to come in and show off their skills to highlight what we’re doing out there.”

Plus, she said hosting the rodeo in the fall lends itself to football season.

“We want it to be more of a true homecoming experience for our alumni. They get to come out to a football game, and spend the whole weekend with us, because this is about celebrating Boys Ranch the history of Boys Ranch, the future Boys Ranch, our residents, our staff, but especially our alum.”

While many changes are coming to the rodeo in 2024, one thing is not changing. Andy Justus, a Boys Ranch alum, is still set to be the rodeo announcer.

The rodeo is set to start at 10 a.m. and last until 8 p.m. on October 12, 2024, at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, located at 8 Julian Bivins Blvd, Boys Ranch.

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