AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Many people travel through Amarillo on their road trip, but with road trips comes the risk of a person’s moving trailer being stolen.

In 2022, nine moving trailers were stolen from local hotels and motels and currently, one has been stolen in 2023. Panhandle Auto Burglary and Theft Unit Commander Patrick McBroom said that Amarillo does not tend to see it often but it’s still a problem for the area. He added that trailers are almost always recovered but the property in the trailer is usually gone since that is what thieves are after.

“So, the ones that were stolen we have recovered all but one of them,” McBroom said. “Sometimes we do find the property with the trailer but most of the time we do not, that stuff is usually gone. That is what the thieves target are the property inside the trailer not necessarily the trailer itself.”

Since the thieves are usually targeting the items in the trailer rather than the trailer itself, McBroom said one way to keep the trailer safe is by backing it into a spot close to the room door.

“So probably one of the best things to do is make sure you get locks to put on those trailers, park in a well-lit area. The trend we see is that they steal the whole trailer so if you could padlock that trailer to your vehicle to keep that from happening, or park in between vehicles where they can’t access the trailer to move the trailer,” he said. “Those are good helpful tips from getting your trailer stolen.”

According to a statement from U-Haul, some other tips to protect your trailer is to not leave items of value unattended in the trailer at any time, but especially overnight. The statement also read to keep the keys to the trailer with an individual and avoid providing the keys to people a person may not know.

McBroom talked about steps you should take if your trailer is stolen.

“Immediately call the police. We need a good list of the property that they had in the trailer. One of the things that we run into is people don’t what their serial numbers are for the stuff that they have in that trailer,” McBroom said. “So, keep a good record of your serial numbers. Don’t keep that list in the trailer keep that on your person or someone else so it’s not stolen as well.”

McBroom said another tip to protect the trailer is to park near cameras when possible.