PERRYTON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Perryton students returned to school on Thursday, just less than three months after an EF-3 tornado devastated the town.

Perryton teacher and coach Jesus Ramirez said students filled out forms at registration to identify those who are displaced or in alternative living situations.

City officials confirmed three people died, dozens were injured, and hundreds of homes were destroyed as a result of the June 15 tornado.

“Some of these kids were left with nothing, just a couple of months ago and they’re coming back, and again, it’s just they’re trying to regain that sense of normalcy,” Ramirez said. “Of course, we’ve still got to do our work but we have to understand that some of these kids have been displaced and may be living with multiple families or may be homeless at this point.”

Ramirez said the students seem happy to be back in school, but this year feels different.

“Really to an extent, it’s just being there to listen, if the kids want to talk about it, we’re there to listen and try to help them cope and obviously, refer them if they need further help,” he said.

Landon Lynch is a 7th grader in Perryton ISD. He said his home was not hit by the tornado, but many of his friends’ homes were.

“I hadn’t seen a lot of my friends after this and I feel like kind of, some of their summers got just kind of snatched from them,” Lynch said on Friday. “And to see them, just see everybody really happy, [it] was, just made me really excited to see all of them.”

Ramirez said he hopes getting back into a routine will give students a sense of normalcy.

“It’s kids that you saw cleaning up and, and volunteering, from our high school kids to our younger kids. They’re really helping out the community and coming together,” said Ramirez. “It’s good to see them in you know, in a different environment than tornado cleanup.”

Lynch said while he wants to help clean up, he also wants kids to feel welcomed and loved at school because many are struggling.

“A lot of them are and it’s sad to see but you’re trying to make them feel some, somewhat like normal and it’s just [like] nothing happened,” Lync said. “And you can’t ignore the fact that it happened, but just try and make it feel more, just like, suitable.”

According to Ramirez, counseling services are available. He also noted that because multiple organizations donated school supplies, every student in the district was given supplies regardless of grade level.

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