AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)- Newly released court documents have revealed new details from FBI and police investigations of the late July explosion on Lenwood Drive, which led to 14 homes in the area being evacuated.

Erfan Salmanzadeh, 32, was arrested after the explosion and indicted for “Making and Possessing an Unregistered Destructive Device.” According to previously released court documents, Salmanzadeh “knowingly made and possessed a firearm that was, and readily have been put in operating condition, that is a destructive device.” The gun was not registered to Salmanzadeh in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

In the newly released documents, a report from the FBI described the Amarillo Fire and Police Departments responding to 3613 Lenwood Drive at around 4 p.m. on July 26 after reports of a possible explosion.

APD Bomb Team investigates explosion at Lenwood Drive

The report continued to say that while officers were investigating, Salmanzadeh approached from the home and asked the police why they were there. After hearing about the reported loud boom, Salmanzadeh went back inside and “poured what is believed to have been a triacetone triperoxide (TATP) mixture down the toilet,” and disposed of other explosives in the alley.

APD officers investigating, according to the report, found a crater in the backyard that looked to have been made by an explosion, as well as what appeared to be a suicide vest “with explosives and an improvised explosive device (IED) described as a cylinder wrapped in BBs, nails, and other shrapnel.” The vest was found in a dumpster in the alley behind the home, and was described as being homemade and sewn together using a felt-type material and a set of suspenders.

Officers also described finding multiple red paper or cardboard tubes with “Dynamite” on the outside in handwritten letters. Another believed IED was also found in the dumpster, described as, “a large cylinder with nails, BBs, and other shrapnel fastened to it with clear tape.”

The Amarillo Police Department Bomb Squad x-rayed the device found in the dumpster, and reported finding eight small cylinders believed to contain an explosive substance. The toilet inside the home was also tested by the Bomb Squad, and found to be positive for TATP – a highly unstable explosive.

Salmanzadeh was reported in the court documents to have been interviewed at the home by the APD and FBI agents. According to the report, in the interview, “Erfan explained in great detail how he mixed and produced TATP and how he constructed bombs. Erfan explained that he learned how to make explosive material and construct bombs online. When the explosion in the backyard occurred, Erfan said he was blowing up his Xbox game console.”

Court documents said that Salmanzadeh said his purpose in his bomb making was to go out into the desert and create an explosion, and admitted to buying explosive materials at multiple stores. Officers further found bomb construction materials in Salmanzadeh’s bedroom.

Salmanzadeh also, according to the investigator report, admitted to conducting two different explosions earlier in the month, with multiple pipe bombs. Further, that he planned to continue to make bombs.

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The official complaint was filed on July 30, signed by United States Magistrate Judge Lee Ann Reno.