AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Honoring and remembering a life dedicated to acts of service, that’s what local leaders say that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day means to them.

What does Amarillo Branch NAACP President Patrick Miller think of when he hears Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

“I think of someone who was a true servant leader, who really exemplified what it meant to be a servant leader. Someone who was really willing to give all and absolutely and inevitably paid for his life of service in a way that was tragic yet legendary,” said Miller.

Dr. King was assassinated back on April 4, 1968 but his legend, Miller says, continues to live on everywhere.

“Because the spirit within us to continue to march forward, to continue to press forward and to demand that social injustice is addressed through social justice,” said Miller.

Miller says that Dr. King was someone that we should be able to honor and recognize on this day through acts of service.

Those acts of service include the installation of smoke detectors for residents of the North Heights neighborhood this past weekend with the help of several area organizations.

But Miller says the services have to extend beyond that.

“With this being such a consequential election year, a mid-term election cycle obviously, Texas-state wide races like the Governor’s race are on the ballot. It’s important for us to ensure that we provide citizens with the opportunity to register to vote,” said Miller.

Also, working alongside other area organizations like the North Heights Advisory Association, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce among others to achieve a common goal.

“Try to ensure that we are marching forward together. There are various organizations, some that I may not have mentioned that exist that do the work that needs to be done for social justice to be achieved and for the American dream to be a reality for us all,” said Miller.

As part of those acts of service that Miller mentioned, they will be holding a local candidate forum that will serve as the background of their voter registration effort.

That forum will take place on January 29th in the auditorium at the Amarillo College West Campus.