DUMAS, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Residents of Moore County have provided MyHIghPlains.com with photos and video about the impact a landspout had on the area Monday evening.

According to previous reports by MyHighPlains.com, the Moore County Emergency Management System posted on social media explaining that the tornadoes were landspouts that touched down.

According to Chief Meteorologist John Harris, landspouts are typically rated as an EF-0 tornado and can cause minor damage to outbuildings and fences. Harris said that it is rare for landspouts to cause major damage.

After the storms, Yasmira Reynaga, a resident of Moore County, sent MyHighPlains.com pictures and videos of a mobile home that was damaged by the landspouts.

Video: Yasmira Reynaga
Video: Yasmira Reynaga
Video: Yasmira Reynaga

Terasa Penland, a resident of Moore County, sent a video of a large landspout that touched down.

Video: Terasa Penland

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