DUMAS, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with the Dumas Police Department are asking Dumas residents to be aware of counterfeit $100 bills circulating within the community.

According to a post the department made on their social media page, officials with the Dumas Police Department said that multiple reports have been taken surrounding counterfeit $100 bills throughout the city.

Officials stressed that the department continues to “actively” investigate the reports and have two suspects identified. However, the department shared in the post various things local businesses and community members should look for when accepting U.S. Currency, especially the larger denominations.

The department provided the following tips surrounding the counterfeit bills:

  • All of the counterfeit bills have the same serial number: JE06161268A;
  • The top of the bill only says “one hundred;”
  • The bill says “motion picture purposes” on multiple places, including on the front and the back;
  • On a real $100 bill, there is a security strip embedded into the bill which runs from the top to the bottom at the center of the left half of the bill when looking at it from the front. The fake bills do not have the security stripe.
  • If the bill feels like printer paper, it is not real money.