MEMPHIS, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) –  In February, the town of Memphis was devastated by a fire that left multiple buildings in the downtown square destroyed. Now, the town is working to move forward.

“I think we have been at it for three or four weeks now. This is our fourth week. The process is you got to remove all the big debris, major metal, and most, half of that is done, and then we are trying to remove all of the reusable brick so we can at least salvage some kind of value out of that,” said Brett Prince, owner of Retail Monkey.

Prince said it will be a bit before the rebuild can begin.

“I hope we are ready to at least start some kind of rebuild the first day of summer, the first day after school is out. Late May, early June,” said Prince.

President of the Economic Development Corporation in Memphis, Kevin Huddleston said they are trying everything they can to get the business owners back on their feet.

“We are in the middle of coming up with a program, a small business program that we are going to devise to help them get some finances to rebuild,” added Huddleston.

Prince said he can’t go into much detail about what will be built to replace the buildings that were lost, but it will be a reinvestment into the community.

Huddleston added that the buildings that were lost in the fire had been on the square since the early 1900s.

“As for, what we are going to do, we have got to get some approvals and stuff of that nature, but I would say just to put it generally, we are very interested in the idea of being a part of food security, with what’s going on right now with food supply shortages, shipping issues. That sort of thing,” said Prince.

Prince said the outpouring of support from surrounding communities shows the love and generosity of the Texas Panhandle.

“We’ve been here for say about five years and there was a day we felt like newcomers and then there was a day we felt not so much like newcomers and now, I would say we feel like lifers. So I guess that’s what it means to me. This makes you want to be here for good,” said Prince.

Prince said they are looking for people from all over the community to come to help out with the clean-up process. He said you can do that by connecting 817-889-3360 and asking for Myrick.