AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —It is officially fall season on the High Plains and that means that Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm is open for the season.

“Oh, there’s so much fun. I mean, we’ve got over 30 activities to do. I mean, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do for kids, and families. We of course, we got hayrides the pumpkin patch, we’ve got a low ropes course we brought back our Sasquatch paintball gallery this year,” said the Owner of Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm Larry Borger. “So that’s cool, fun I got apple cannon, some fun stuff to shoot apples that slide. Man, just a lot of fun stuff.”

The farm has been open for 16 years and according to Borger every year the farm is able to create more memories for everyone.

“Every year I get folks that sent me pictures of their kids when they were little baby. And I brought them out every year till now they’re graduating from high school,” said Borger. “So that is super cool to this. Families have made this a tradition and come out and look forward to the fall every year.”

He talked more about the traditions and memories that the farm was able to create for many families.

“I see a little kid come down the slide. And then I see mama come down the slide. And then here comes grandma down the slide. So just stuff like that just makes my day when I see family spending time together and making memories,” said Borger.

Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm will stay open for ‘Fall Days and Giant Maze’ until October 29th. The farm will end the season on a high note, with a helicopter coming to the farm on October 28th to allow families to see the farm from the sky.

“I grew up in Amarillo. The weather in the fall to me is the best time of the year. And so yeah, we love the fall, and it’s fun meeting people from come from all over to the farm saw that’s fun for me,” said Broger.

After Oct. 29 the farm will transition into its ‘Magical Christmas’ season starting on Black Friday and ending on Dec. 23.

For more information on Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm and to buy tickets you can visit their website here.

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