AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A new partnership between Amarillo College and Martha’s Home is helping at-risk women get a helping hand and a sense of direction.

The partnership serves to give women of Martha’s Home a new vision.

“A lot of them have a lot of barriers to education,” said Sharon Miner, Director of Development for Martha’s Home. “And so we created the Present Needs – Future Success Program which helps with those barriers such as transportation, childcare, you know, some additional costs.”

The way it works, “Amarillo College will do the assessments, they will also help them decide what a career path may be for them, you know, they test them to see if they’re college ready,” Miner explained.

Mentorship that includes, “not only are the classes offered simultaneously,” said Sadie Newsome, Media Director for Amarillo College. “We also have career navigators that are individualized mentors that help work with these students through the program every step of the way.”

Women in the program come from various educational backgrounds.

“Some of the ladies may have to start with getting a GED, some of them may have to start with re-learning how to do computer classes,” Miner said.

So, what are the qualifications?

“More than anything, it’s just a willingness to want to change your life. The other thing is, they’ve gotta be accountable. That’s not to say that we want them to be perfect,” Miner emphasized.

She told KAMR some women want a different educational path.

“There are some ladies who goodness gracious, they, they’re just not going to do two years of college, they’re not going to do four years, you know, WT they’re just not. But when you let them know that they might be able to get a certificate in eight to 12 weeks, then get a job that has benefits and you’re able to take care of your kids, It’s like the light bulb goes off.”

A helping hand, on the road to a changed life.

For more information, call 806-443-5577 or visit the Martha’s Home website.