STRATFORD, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Police arrested a man in Stratford after a routine traffic stop lead to fentanyl and heroin being found in his car on Tuesday, Jan. 20, according to court documents filed on Jan. 21.

The documents detail that at around 3:36 p.m., Stratford police stopped a car with Iowa plates in Stratford for “failure to signal required distance and speeding over the limit, violations of Texas Transportation Code.”

The officer identified the driver of the car as Michael Robert Mims and the passengers as Dushaun Duboise Mims and Robert Lee Mims Jr. and according to the documents, the officer smelled a marijuana odor coming from the car during the traffic stop. The officer also noticed a “blue pill” in the car, which the officer “believed to be an M30 pill associated with Fentanyl,” the documents stated.

The officer then asked for consent to search the car, and while the driver declined, the officer explained that due to the odor of marijuana, a search would be conducted.

The documents detailed that the search led to the officer finding 10 individual bags containing blue pills hidden under the driver side seat of the car, while one of the passengers pulled a “small user amount of suspected heroin from his pant pocket.” Prior training led the officer to believe that the amount found is consistent with distribution and not just for personal use.

Agents conducted “post-Miranda” interviews with all three suspects, where Michael Robert Mims admitted to the possession of fentanyl found in the car and the possession of the suspected heroin found in the sweatpants, the documents added.

The driver, Mims explained that they left to Wisconsin and drove to Casa Grande, Arizona on Jan. 18, where he was to pick up fentanyl, but further explained that the two passengers were unaware of this plan. Mims told agents that he took his car and parked it, while an “unidentified” man loaded the car. He was then instructed to drive back to Wisconsin and wait for a phone call to find out where to make the delivery.

Mims would go on to explain that this was his first time transporting narcotics and he was set to receive a $1,500 payment once the drugs were delivered.

According to the documents, the agents concluded that there is “probable cause to believe that Mims knowingly and intentionally conspired to possess with the intent to distribute approximately 2.2 pounds of Fentanyl.”