AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — On Sunday, Asian cultures all around the world celebrated the “Lunar New Year.”

The Lunar New Year is a celebration that began in China and follows the lunar calendar to mark the beginning of spring. Since the start of the Lunar New Year, many other Asian countries began to celebrate by adding a little bit of their countries’ culture to the celebration.

The celebration happened here locally on Sunday at the “Our Lady of Vietnam Chruch.”

Andy Bùi, a member of “The Vietnamese Community of Amarillo” said that the Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays in Asian culture.

“So, New Year’s everyone will come home, we will have the families, we will meet, we will greet. On New Year’s all of the younger will come into the older, children come to parents or grandparents and wish them the best health. The older generation will wish the best for the younger,” said Bùi.

Bùi added that having this celebration allows for the culture to be carried on through the new generation.

“It’s very important to keep our culture, our tradition going. Especially for the younger generation, some of the kids wonder and have not experienced our Lunar New Year. So, we just try to keep some culture and traditions so they can continue to go on because they are very important to us because that represents everything,” said Bùi.

Angela Spangler, a member of “Our Lady of Vietnam Chruch” said the Lunar New Year allows everyone to come together to celebrate their culture.

“The Asian culture especially the Lunar New Year is about family and food so family, friends, and food. So, you are surrounded by your loved ones and celebrating health and happiness and looking forward to a great new year,” added Spangler.

Spangler talked about some ways that her family personally brings in the new year.

“So, a couple of traditions, again it’s about a fresh start of the year. So, make sure the household is cleaned out of clutter, old habits, and bad habits, and prepare for a good new year. Welcoming good fortune and health into the family,” said Spangler.

While some Asian cultures are celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, individuals in the Vietnamese culture are celebrating the Year of the Cat.

“Cat typically means good fortune as well as being very smart, and a good outlook on life,” Spangler said.

Spangler added that events like this are important to have because it is a celebration of diversity.

Bùi said celebrating the Lunar New Year reminds him of his childhood along with his ancestors and where he is from. He added when all of his family comes together to celebrate the holiday it reminds him what the Lunar New Year means not only to him but to the entire Asian culture.