AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — For almost 15 years, Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital has teamed up with AmTech to give local high school students a taste of veterinary life.

“We get them involved helping us put in catheters, anesthetize patients, we supervise them,” said Dr. Merten Pearson. “We let them do things and let them get a feel for what it’s like.”

Dr. Pearson says it’s a chance to give students real working experience and,

“It gives me a chance to give back, we can bring these kids in, let them see what it’s really like in the vet field, find out that it’s no like the books,” he said. “There’s some really fun things, and there’s some things that will really, really break your heart.”

In the program, students get to take on fun and exciting tasks like, “We had a dog come in for a C-section, and as I was pulling puppies out,” he said. “I was dropping them off to technicians, and put her right in line, handed her a puppy, and said, ‘here’s what you do, get it alive, keep it breathing.'”

Dr. Pearson says students also do what he calls, the more boring stuff.

“Washing surgical instruments, building spay packs, and running the auto clay and things like that,” he said.

Through it all, he says it all serves a bigger purpose.

“I want to help my profession, I want to find good people that are honest and are thoughtful and are kind,” said Dr. Pearson. “If this fits them, I want to give them the opportunity to find the passion that I have.”

For more information, including how you can sign up, click here.